Acronyms and Definitions

CPR- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

KCSARA- King County Search and Rescue Association

KCSO- King County Sheriffs Office

NWHSAR- Northwest Horseback Search and Rescue

RCW- Revised Code of Washington 

SAR- Search and Rescue

WAC- Washington Administrative Code



Search and Rescue: 
The acts of searching for, rescuing, or recovering any person who becomes lost, injured, or is killed while outdoors or as a result of a natural, technological, or human caused disaster including searches for downed aircraft and urban search and rescue.

Means a distinct assignment of personnel and equipment to achieve a set of tasks related to an incident, emergency, disaster or search and rescue operation that occurs under the direction and control of a local authorized official (WAC118-04-060 (10)).


Mission Time: 
Includes reasonable transit time to and from the mission.


Training event:
Means a planned, non-emergency activity for the development, maintenance or upgrading of emergency worker skills (WAC118-04-060 (11)).

Appeals Board:
Consists of the Executive Board, Operations Leaders and team leaders minus the investigating officer.

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